Soulnaked Boudoir Photography Los Angeles

Boudoir. Fall in love. With you.

"I'm already amazed at the first picture. Oh my god! Thank you for making me feel so beautiful. I've never felt this beautiful."

The following is what you can expect during a Soulnaked Boudoir Los Angeles experience.


Your in-person or phone consultation will give us the opportunity to get to know each other better and build a connection. I will bring or email you my contract for you to sign, collect your session retainer and book a date for your boudoir session. It is important for any decision makers be at this consultation. 

Please understand that the work I do is about self love. With that being said, I do fully edit your images to my artistic desires. I do not use excessive photoshopping in my work. My goal is for you to love and honor the skin you are in, while continuing to strive for growth. 

Timeline: Consultation--Book session--Shoot--Reveal--Receive your products

Generally speaking, from your shoot date you will receive your products in about a month's time. Please contact for current turnaround times.

Session planning

Physical:  If you decide to book a beauty treatment, i.e. hair, nails, tanning, facial, waxing, etc., it is best to do this 3-5 days prior to your session. I do not recommend tanning. This can show on your images and editing for this is not included.

I highly recommend avoiding any alcohol or staying up late the night before as this can show in your photos and I want        you to have the best images possible.

I recommend you are well rested, hydrated and have a good hardy meal prior to your session.

Please come with a clean face and clean hair. Blow dry your hair to remove frizz and curl.

Come with no bra and loose fitting underwear or no underwear to avoid lines in your skin.

You will provide your own wardrobe. Bodysuits, high waisted panties, and fishnets work for every body type. For specific recommendations, please contact me.


Mental:  You will be challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally. Expect that and know that you will push through it because you are bigger than anything in this physical space. I will be right by your side, fully supporting you. You will be naked during your session. For me, it is important that you just experience being naked in a non-judgmental positive space.  For the shoot itself, you can cover up as much or as little as you want, I just need you to EXIST nude.

Emotional:  While I would love to say that this session is going to change the way you see yourself, I need to prepare you for the fact that it might not.  A boudoir session is great to help women on their journey to achieving self love, but self love is a life long journey.  What I CAN promise you, is that I will do my best to heal whatever I can while you are in my presence. I will support you, lift you, and love you and we will experience this new space together. 

During your session

I will be guiding you throughout your entire shoot so relax, have fun, and be yourself. I will help you with wardrobe selections, breathing, and posing. And most of all, get ready to feel something you've never felt before. You are about to jump.

Hair & Makeup standardly takes about an hour to an hour and a half.  Your makeup will be a lot heavier in person than it will be in the photographs. You may be shocked when you look in the mirror. Just trust me that this is a common reaction and upon seeing their images all the women see the difference between the makeup in real life as opposed to in an image.

Your session will be up to 4 hours. Take advantage of your hair and makeup and plan a lovely night out to celebrate you!

Due to posing you will most likely be a sore over the next day or so after your shoot, so take care.


We will meet again in person 1-2 weeks later for your ordering appointment as I do not offer online galleries or sneak peaks. This will be the first time you are viewing your images. It is of the utmost importance that anyone whose decision is necessary for this investment be present at the ordering appointment. This is definitely the best part of the entire process, watching your portraits come to life through printed products.

Your ordering appointment will take about an hour and a half. We only release retouched images so they are perfect, and ready for the world to see. You will have 2 options for payment: in full or a payment plan.  If you choose to pay in full, we will begin processing your order.  If you opt for the 0% interest payment plan, you put down 20% of the total cost and you have up to 3 months to pay your balance.  Your order will not be processed till the final payment has been received. Any images not paid for in either of these formats, will be deleted 24 hours after your reveal.  Albums take about 2-3 weeks to come in AFTER you approve the album proof.