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Michelle Dorothea TuckerComment

If you're aware of your spiritual journey, you have most likely come to the conclusion at some point in time, that your spirituality is bigger than what exists in the physical. And though this is true, you still exist in a physical form. You cannot fully love yourself in the spiritual if you do not love yourself in the physical and vice versa.

Have you heard that voice in your head? That one that chimes in when you walk past a mirror, or try on clothes, or see someone on IG that has a million likes and has what society deems is the perfect body. Most likely you wish your face looked different, or your belly, or your breasts/chest, or your ass, or your hips, your arms, etc. That voice tells you, in one way or another, you're not enough.

Do you know what self love is? Self love is embracing all of you, not just parts of you. It's forgiveness for making the shitty decisions because you believed you weren't enough. It's learning to love the parts of you that you believe are not lovable. It's knocking down your walls so that you can even see what you have hidden. That is your journey. Now loving your body is not just about loving the way it looks but loving the way it feels and the way you feel in it. Loving the way you move, loving what you put into it are just as important and don't forget sex is a huge part of it as well. These are all parts of you that need to be healed and loved too.

So how do you love something that you've been taught to hate? The Seven Hermetic Principles can guide us. Lets focus on the Principle of Mentalism and the Principle of Correspondence. First, we know that everything is in our mind. We create our reality through the way we choose to think and that our inner and outer world are the same. So then, we must change the way we think. That will change our inner world which will then change our outer world.

STEP 1 FIND SOMETHING TO LOVE: What can you love about your body now? And I mean really love. Can you love your hips? Can you love your eyes? If you can't love any of your parts of your body then start here. Love that your body continues to fight for your life everyday. Love that your body perseveres. Love that your heart pumps your blood and your lungs help you breathe. There are a million things that your body does in every single moment to keep you alive. That's love.

STEP 2 REWIRE YOUR MIND: Go to you Youtube and search affirmations. There are affirmations for anything, for your body, for your health, for your career, for self love, etc. Play these in the background daily. You don't have to focus on them, just have them playing so you can hear them. Your subconscious is picking them up. You can also search healing frequencies and play those in the background as well. Write affirmations on post-its and put them on a mirror you look at everyday.

STEP 3 GET SUPPORT: Surround yourself with people who lift you, instead of drain you. If you don't have those people in your life then find that support and wisdom online, through videos, articles, etc. Find things to do or classes to take with like minded people, so you can find those people and get that support. Check out Conscious City Guide or Meetup. Life is difficult enough but it's even more difficult when you are striving for growth. You need people around you who support you and remind you of how amazing you are when you forget.

Remember to keep your focus on what you want, not on what you don't want. You attract what you are. If you're feeling courageous and are wanting to jump, head on over to and learn more about a Soulnaked Boudoir experience. Shedding your clothes in front of a stranger frees you in many ways. Learning to see yourself, all of you, gives you freedom and a strength that will shape you forever. And there is nothing like waking up to a huge photograph of yourself every morning that reminds you of a time that you made a choice to love yourself. Why? Because you are enough. Honey, you are more than enough, always have been, always will.

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