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Three steps to starting over after you have given up...

Michelle Dorothea TuckerComment

We’ve all been there. We quit. We quit something that we really wanted, something that we still want. We think about it everyday or every now and then when our minds go quiet.

It’s because things got too busy, or life got too hard. We could have told ourselves that we didn’t really need what we wanted, or that we could never have it. Maybe we even convinced ourselves that we’ll do it when the time is right…newsflash, the time will be never be right.

What if I told you your brain wants to keep you safe and safe means to keep you comfortable. What is comfortable? Take a look around. This is what comfortable looks like. It’s the familiar. It’s the same things over and over again.

It’s not that you are too busy or that life is too hard. You might very well be busy and life is hard but that’s not why you quit. You quit because your mind told you various reasons of why you should just give up now.  If you can acknowledge that when you hear your mind telling you to give up then you can start the process of changing.

Here are three steps to help you through the process.

1. Don’t judge yourself or the situation. When you are working to love yourself (change) it really is one step forward two steps back. Judging yourself is really punishing yourself because you don’t think you deserve to live the life that you want. It also creates a barrier for us to move forward.

2. Don’t think, just do. The first step back is always the most difficult. You have to get out of your mind. I had to make a huge decision years ago about whether or not I was going to move out of a home I shared with a boyfriend at the time. I kept going back and forth between love and fear. My girlfriend finally said one day, “Call your landlord and ask what the process is. You don’t have to decide anything but call and see what the process is.” I had nothing to lose. I didn’t have to commit to anything long term and you don’t either.  Make a choice today to take a step towards what you want. If tomorrow you decide you don’t want to go any further you don’t have to but get a taste of what you want. And if it’s something that is meant for you it will continue to draw you in. Remember, what you are seeking is seeking you.

3. Celebrate your first step.  Most people are programmed to be negative and a lot of them aren’t aware of it. Lets do a quick test.

You see a text message flash on your significant other’s phone. It reads, “I miss you sweetheart.” Is your reaction that he or she is cheating on you or is it that there is a reasonable explanation for this? For me, it would be both and in that order.  If your first response is that he or she is cheating, you are geared towards the negative. And don’t worry, it’s his or her mother.

Because of this negative programming we need to constantly balance it with positivity.  So, celebrate your first step whether it’s writing it in your journal, sharing it with a loved one, or going out. This will give you momentum to keep you moving forward. You deserve to live the life you want, you are worthy and you deserve to be celebrated.

So what are you waiting for? If you are reading this, it means you attracted this moment. It means that there is something that you quit and you still feel the urge to go back to it. Take this as a sign, your sign to pick yourself up and try again. I believe in you and you are supported. Sending you love, light, and healing energy!

Be amazing my queens and kings!

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