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Michelle Dorothea TuckerComment

The last few years I have been seeking deeper and healthier relationships. During that process I was alone for quite some time after I shed previous relationships that were no longer serving me. As new relationships started to flow in, elation would be an understatement. After feeling stagnant for so long, movement forward rejuvenated me and made me feel alive. Feeling inspired, I started to actively search for a space that fed me. I wanted somewhere that felt safe, supportive, guided me for growth, showered love, and made me feel better than when I walked in. I tried yoga/meditation studios but energies always seemed a bit off. I left feeling ok but not good. That was until I found Ushaman Tribe or should I say, they found me.

The question you should constantly be asking yourself is does this feel good? And I don't mean does it feel good now and then you'll feel like shit later. No, I'm asking does it feel good today and will you still feel good about it tomorrow? If yes, that is what you should be doing. If no, you guessed it, that's a red light. Can you imagine how much your life would change if you kept your focus on what feels good and not on what doesn't? Go where your heart goes. 

From the moment I walked in and was greeted for the Ushaman Conscious Connections event I felt loved.  From being saged to cleanse ourselves of lower vibrational energy, to allowing our minds to rest and be present with meditation, to playing games to foster connection and hearing other people's inspiring stories, it all felt great. I felt great. It felt so warm to be in a room with other souls who's hearts were open and ready to receive. Even others who were there for their first time, offered a smile. Every where I turned, I found love. It's easy to get caught up, in day to day survival. You forget to connect up to you. What do you want? How are you feeling? Does it feel good? As soon as I left the event, I knew I wanted to experience it again. The next day I contacted them and volunteered my gifts to help them in any way that I could. I wanted this group to expand because I wanted everyone to feel what I felt. And that my love, is self love. When you love yourself it automatically pours onto everything you do and into everyone you connect with.

As we exchanged more information, I let them know that I was a photographer, they asked me if I could do event photography for them which I happily obliged. If that meant I could tell the story of the Ushaman Tribe so that others would be able to feel what I felt, I was all in. This past weekend was my second Conscious Connections event and I am feeling more powerful than ever.


Although I love photography in general, boudoir photography is my focus. I still find that many don't know what boudoir photography is. For me, it's women shedding their clothes and the mask they wear everyday, to feel what being in their own skin feels like. It's making the time to celebrate our miraculous bodies that most don't feel good about. We've covered up who we are so much that we've forgotten to connect to ourselves. We've forgotten to love ourselves. We've been wired to be ashamed, to hide, to abuse, or to even get surgery so that we can fit into someone else's ideal. Can you fathom how much damage that does to someone? How much damage is that for a child? How does one feel waking up everyday and hating the skin they are in and how does that seep into everything we do and everyone we love? How much would your life change if you actually loved the skin you are in, if you chose to honor and celebrate your body? Soulnaked Boudoir helps you to love yourself by creating an experience that is safe, supportive, encouraging, and loving for you to explore your body like you never have before. It's an opportunity to discover parts of you that you've been neglecting so you can shift that energy into love. Self love is key and how can you love yourself if you don't even love the body you're in? How can you love others if you don't love yourself? You're not suppose to love your body once you change this or change that, you are suppose to love and honor your body as you are now. And if you do, that's self love, that's self acceptance, and that my love, is power. 

So ask yourself today if what you're doing feels good? Honor yourself by following your heart and listening to what it is you have to say. It's time. It's time for self love and it's time to feel good. 

Sending all of you love, light, and healing energy always!

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