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If you guessed it’s everything, you are correct. Self-love is always number 1, my loves.

You can only love others the way you love yourself. You can only give to others the way you give to yourself. You can only give compassion to others the way you give compassion to yourself. You can only help others the way you help yourself. You can only understand others the way you understand yourself. You can only see others the way you see yourself.

If you're feeling drained it’s because you are giving too much to others and not enough to yourself. Maybe you're even convinced that your giving to others is in the name of love. That is not love, dear. That's you putting your energy into something else, preventing you from healing yourself. People will go their whole lives and never heal because they’ve built this fear that they can’t endure the pain to heal themselves. The truth is that healing is self-love. Healing is you embracing all of you, the darkness and the light. And through this self-love, your true self will come forth.

Photo by Engineerings Akyurt

Photo by Engineerings Akyurt


Right now is a new moment. Tomorrow is a new day. Next month you could be in a completely different space. Next year you could be living the life that you have always hoped for. In time you can be in alignment with who you really are.

I know you've been able to feel glimpses of what your life could be. You've had moments where your hope is sky high and you feel that surge of energy. You've felt alive in those moments. That's who you are. That's your guidance system, your soul reminding you of you.

Are you listening?

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