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New Years


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2019 is here my loves. For a lot of us every year just repeats itself. We go into a new year hoping that this will be the year that it all changes. This will be the year that we are finally living the life that we’ve dreamed of, only to slowly fall back into what we have been trying to let go.

The reality is that we will not change until it’s our time to change and there is no magic pill that will give us the life that we so wholeheartedly want. What I can do is offer guidance with the wisdom that I have learned that has helped me. I will plant seeds that will begin to grow but it’s up each of us to love ourselves enough to do the work.

HEALING: You have got to heal. Do you know right now there is so much trauma in you that you are not even aware of? It sits in your subconscious and since your subconscious mind is what runs you, it will always be projected into your loved ones and the decisions that you make. Even in having a perfect childhood you will still have trauma. Get into therapy. A good therapist is like finding your new home. You will know after the first session. If you don’t want to come back then see a different one till you do. Your heart and mind must be open to therapy for it to work. A good therapist does not tell you what’s wrong, she/he guides you so you will discover it yourself.

REWIRING YOUR MIND: The majority of your mind is from ancient cave-man days and it wants to keep you comfortable and comfortable is what’s familiar. So anytime you try to deviate from what you are used to, your mind will automatically convince you to stay in the same space that you are already in. On top of the fact that society is programmed to keep you in a constant, unhealthy state from our education, television, music, etc. Re-wiring your mind is easy to do but it does take persistence and dedication. Affirmations are amazing. Play them every day in the background. I love youtube for this. There are affirmations for everything. When you play them you don’t have to be actively listening to them because your subconscious is always listening. You can write down affirmations as well. Another way to re-wire your mind is to learn of others who have changed their lives. Most likely, you are in your head thinking your life can’t change. You need to expose yourself to people who have changed their lives so your mind can see that it is possible to change and so then, change can become normal.

Meditation can make you feel like you are in another world.

Meditation can make you feel like you are in another world.

MEDITATION: The average person has some 50,000-80,000 thoughts in a day. Think about how much power exists in our brain. We need to learn how to better focus that energy. Meditation not only calms your mind but it calms each of your 3 trillion cells. Keep in mind that meditation takes practice and the more you do it, the better you will become. Do however long you can and work your way up. Two minutes or five minutes is a great place to start. Concentrate on your breathing and whenever you have thoughts, don’t judge them, then bring your awareness back to your breath. The more you practice you’ll experience more and more time in silence, with no thoughts.

LAW OF ATTRACTION: This is a gem that has changed my life. Law of attraction is like energy, attracts like energy. Everything is energy and what you focus on, you will attract more of. The universe will literally create something out of nothing, just for you. Extremely successful people have around 30,000 thoughts a day because they focus and loop the same thoughts throughout their day. They control what thoughts they have and attract what they want into their lives. What can be difficult with the law of attraction is that despite what is happening in your external world, you must keep your focus on what you want. You must keep your focus on your inner world. This takes practice and the more you do it, the better you will get. Research, research, research. A great place to begin is to search Abraham and Esther Hicks on youtube.

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: It’s important as you do this work that you are in a supportive and loving environment. If you don’t have that then look online for support groups. Surround yourself with energy that lifts you. You will see that as you continue to shift, you will attract people and things into your life that are more aligned with what you want. Remember, this is a process. You will have to let go of people and things that no longer serve you. You will have to spend time alone with yourself, getting to know yourself. This is detaching from who you have identified yourself to be for so long. It is extremely painful and having an environment that drains you is going to make this process that much more difficult. You have power over who and what you expose yourself to. Make decisions that create a healthy environment for yourself.

Every word on this page is here for you to discover new ways to fall in love with yourself. I want you to know that you can live the life you want in every capacity but you have to make changes. You have to dedicate yourself to let go and grow. You have to know that there is nothing wrong with you as you are. You have to know that everything you are always seeking, is really just you seeking self-love and through self-love, you will attract everyone and everything that you want. So join me, in living a life that we truly want to live. It’s time to stop surviving and start striving. In every moment, we have the opportunity to turn it all around.

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