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Losing someone...

Michelle Dorothea TuckerComment

I was going to write about something else today. But then I lost someone. Isn't that how it happens. A soul transitions out of this lifetime and for everyone who is left living, time stops. Whether it be brief or long...time... just...stops.

It doesn't seem real but then it hits, the reality of never seeing that person again, never talking to them, never touching them, never hearing them laugh, wanting to give any part of yourself to have the chance to say goodbye or to have one more moment. Whether someone's health was declining or it was a sudden accident the reality remains the same; you will never see this person in the physical world in the way that you have known them. That fact is one that some find unbearable. Some feel they can't live or don't want to live without the other.

Transitioning also reminds the living of where they are in life and how in one moment everything can change. We are reminded of what really matters. Love. Everything always comes back to love.

 What I am reminded is this. We are not humans. We are souls. We are love. We are spirit. And we are all connected, in all space and in all of time. Our physical bodies are just our vehicles that allow this wondrous world to play out. So when we leave, it's our bodies that are leaving. Our physical lives live on in the hearts of loved ones still living and our energy transitions into a different space in time but everything is still connected. You will always be connected to your loved ones even if they are not physically with you. Nothing can ever take that away. Just like everything and everyone in life comes in and out to foster our growth, transitioning follows the same path. We are not exempt from this fact. We are no different. We are the universe, thus we flow as the universe does.

We must mourn our loss, heal, learn, and honor those who's physical lives have come complete. We must be reminded of how fragile human life is because the truth is, many, many have forgotten.

We must love. We must love even when we are in fear, even when we are hurt. And the love I am speaking of is the love of oneself. We must forgive ourselves. We must stop punishing ourselves. We must not only honor our amazing hearts but also honor our stunning wounds. We must fully embrace all of ourselves. Every part of us is beautiful. The pain. The love. They are soulmates.

I dedicate this to my aunt. Thank you for reminding me how important every moment is. Thank you for some beautiful childhood memories. Thank you for the crazy perm you gave me lol, that is probably my favorite memory I have of you. I honor your soul and I honor your physical. I know I am always connected to you. Always. Sending you all the love, light, and healing energy in the universe. See in you in the next life.

And sending all of you, all the love, light, and healing energy in the universe.