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When you want someone who won't reciprocate...

Michelle Dorothea TuckerComment

Everyone knows what it feels like to want something or someone that is unobtainable. To feel the warmth of something that can't show up the way you wished it would is a familiar pain for all.

First thing I want you to remember is that everything and everyone comes in and out of your life to foster your growth. You have already created your environment for you to grow. So then why did you create this? What can you learn from this? What in you still needs to shift? There are many answers to these questions and they would differ from each person but here are some possibilities.

  • You don't believe you deserve real love.
  • You don't believe in real love.
  • You don't know what real love is.
  • You believe you are valued only if you are loved by someone.
  • You are trying to find something external to focus your energy on so that you don't have to focus on yourself.

Another factor to consider is that a lot of times when one finds himself deeply connected to someone it's because their energy is triggering something in him that still needs to be healed. Again, you attracted her into your life to foster your growth. Once you realize this you will see more and more why you are attracting certain people and events. If someone is triggering you it really could be anyone with that same energy and you would feel the same way. A lot of relationships are like this. People think they are in love. There's a possibility that they love. But they are not in love. They are triggering each other and you could replace one of them with anyone else with the same energy and it would be the same situation. If you can see this, it can help ease the pain.

And another point I would like you to keep in mind. We are all connected, in every moment, in every space and time. So know that you and her are connected and always will be. No one and nothing can take that away. If you can grasp this, it can too help ease the pain.

And lastly...fall in love with yourself. I know it is trite. But it's the hardest thing you will ever learn to do and I believe firmly it is why we are here. We are here to learn to love ourselves so deeply that we can then perfect our gifts to share with the world. Our gifts are plenty and are our light...and are our love. 

Know that you deserve the universe. And when you are ready you will meet your partner. Everything happens to foster your growth. Every moment. Believe.

Sending you all, all the love, light, and healing energy in the universe.