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You have created every moment you encounter, including this one...

Michelle Dorothea TuckerComment

A couple of nights ago I had the biggest epiphany I've had in awhile. I've said for quite some time that we attract what we are, not what we want. I've also said that everything comes in and out of our lives to foster our growth. I watched this video from one of my my favorite websites, and all of a sudden my mind went deeper.

Imagine that in this very moment of you reading this, that you created this to foster your growth. That we are in fact creating an environment for growth in everything and everyone. And all of this is done without us even being aware of it. It just happens, automatically.

How beautiful is that? To evolve, to grow, to love, that is what we are designed to do. As my mind continued to fall, I saw how beautiful everything is. So often events occur in life that don't look how we had hoped for. But what happens if they are unfolding just as they should to create a foundation for us to heal, to grow, to love. 

I knew all these things separately but this was the first time they all tied together, like a puzzle finally put together. I laid there in bed in awe. I laughed and smiled in numbness. I felt like I had all the signs, all the love, all the security that I could ever need in that one moment.

Of course that was fleeting, as a couple of days have passed and I've settled back into my normality of life. But that moment is on the tip of my tongue, my heels on the edge of the cliff, ready...more than ever in my life. I can feel my wings dripping with anticipation of their first real flight.

To be continued=)

Sending you all, all the love and light in the universe!