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How to be positive in a healthy way...

Michelle Dorothea TuckerComment

I remember during a therapy session I responded with my usual, "I'm going to be positive about this." My therapist looked across at me and I can only assume she couldn't keep her perspective to herself any longer. She told me that the one thing she disliked about the, "positive train," that everyone seemed to be on, was that people's automatic response to anything was to be positive. 

I understood mentally during the time what she was trying to explain to me but in time my being embraced it. As I grew more, I started to shift the way I looked at being positive. Now I understand that being positive is crucial but it is only one of the steps. 

The problem with automatically being positive is that you are shutting down anything perceived as negative. Your soul wants you to accept all parts of you not just the pretty. And that is why when you get past the pain, anger, etc. there is an overwhelming amount of love for yourself. It's almost as if it's your soul's way of saying thank you for acknowledging me, thank you, thank you.

So if something shitty happens. I encourage you to embrace the shittyness. Embrace your heartache, embrace your anger, embrace your uncomfortableness. If you don't, it's like you are shaming yourself, telling yourself you can't handle those parts of you. You're telling yourself that those parts of you are not good. When in reality we are complex energies capable of amazing things. Wouldn't it be beautiful if we could look at pain and anger and see the beauty in it? What if we could see the growth and lessons that those emotions create an environment for? Unfortunately, most of us learn at an early age to ignore these parts of us. We have a society that runs at the first bit of fear felt. We've been taught lies. We've been taught that feeling these emotions can make or break us. That could not be further from the truth.

Instead of running away, go towards that very thing that you are scared of and after you have processed those emotions, then be positive. Have faith that everything and everyone that is brought to you is brought to lift you. Embrace your fear. That is where your growth is.

Sending you all, all the love and light in the universe!!!