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Once your souls connect they will always be connected in every space and time.

Michelle Dorothea Tucker1 Comment

I spent this past Saturday supporting my friends from my old acting classes. Over ten years old to be exact. They were amazing on stage and behind the scenes. It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to share such vulnerable moments with them. After the show we went to a friend's home for a much deserved celebration. 

Most of us have kept in touch over the years. But it is always so miraculous to me how when I do see them, after having not seen them in years, how easily it is to connect with them. It happens in an instant. And it is like speaking with a best friend. We catch up with new stories and reminisce on our many memories. We laugh, smile and tell each other how shitty things are as well, the ups and downs of life. And all the while, we know as we speak, as we listen, we are fully supported by those on the other end. There is trust. A trust that was created long, long ago that has only strengthened through time.

We all have those people in our lives where the relationship is as if it's a novel. You can read a bit here and there and when you stop you place your bookmark to remember where you left off. And when you start again everything comes flooding back. The joy and the heartbreak of the story. And it's like you never left. I am fortunate to have many people in my life who lift me in this way.

I would also like to mention that we are all, always connected in every space and in every time. When I was younger I learned that when someone left I was being abandoned. I have learned now that if someone leaves, even if it is permanent, emotionally, mentally, or physically, I will always be connected to that spirit and nothing or no one can ever change that. It is utter beauty. That is how strong love is and it is always right in front of you, always inside of you, always. Just one of the many astonishing realities of love.

So do me a favor. Call someone today, someone who you miss and go see them. I know you are busy, or down, or trying to get your life together, but at the end of this lifetime do you think any of that is going to matter? What you will remember is when you felt the most connected to your loved ones. What you will remember is the love. It's always more love!!!

Sending you all, all the love and light in the universe!!!!!!!